About Us

Digital Dental Design Studio is a digital dental lab providing highly accurate and aesthetically impressive restorations for our partner clients.  The lab process work is overseen by Dr. Brian Raskin, with over 35 years of dental experience. Digital Dental Design Studio provides custom designed and mill dentures, Zirconia and E. Max crowns and implants from uploaded digital scans.

Our lab utilizes the highest-grade materials from U.S. manufacturers to ensure your patients receive an accurate, comfortable and long-lasting restoration.

Our quality control measures include the available option of case management oversight and real time guidance during the restoration from initial scan to dental piece completion.

Your restoration is assigned to a Technician Team Leader to ensure consistent, easy communication through our Digital Dental Design Studio Portal or direct email.

The Digital Dental Design Studio Portal allows for both digital file uploading and immediate lab tech communication. Our portal also provides the means to check your orders to facilitate setting timely follow up appointments with your patients.

Examples of Restorations


Dr. Brian Raskin, DDS
Founder and Dentist

Dr. Raskin is a third-generation well-respected dentist in the tri-state area. He has changed the lives of his patients for the last 35 years providing the highest quality of dental care. Dr. Raskin is constantly staying up-to-date on the latest technology and techniques to provide the utmost comfort and positive results for his patients.

Digital Dental Design Studio Technician Team Leaders

Supervised under Dr. Brian Raskin, our highly skilled team excels in both craftmanship and accuracy to ensure successful and aesthetically pleasing results.


Alyssa received her Associate’s Degree in Dental Technology from New York City College of Technology. She has extensive experience in the dental technology field and digital dental design using Sirona and 3Shape.