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Digital Dentures Reduce Unneeded Chair Time

By incorporating a digitally produced denture process in your practice, it can allow for a much more efficient workflow. Traditional dentures require multiple patient appointments and extra time to deal with hard to fit cases. Traditional dentures might take up to a month to produce, while digital dentures can be completed in less than two weeks.

Digital dentures provide precise fits, so patients won’t experience loose dentures or fear they will fall out. If a digital denture is lost or broken, it can be replaced in two days using the original scanned design. In delivering accurate and repeatable results, your practice can drive much greater profitability.

Digital Dentures
Lucitone Digital Denture
Lucitone Digital Denture


Digital Design Studio is a certified Lucitone provider, so you can count on strong, high quality dentures offering exceptional color stability. Lucitone denture base resin is the industry’s leading high impact denture base, trusted by dentists for dozens of years.

Digital Dental Design Studio is a high-tech lab founded on high-touch communications principles. Our clients have one-on-one dedicated Technicians who work on restorations and we're a quick phone call away for expert guidance and support to ensure restoration accuracy.

For those offices new to digital denture technology, we can provide guidance on set up, scanning and CAD/CAM system operation, so you can take comfort in knowing your scans and uploads will be accurate.

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