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a full-service dental laboratory serving digital dental practices.


Digital Design Studio’s lab techs provide highly accurate and aesthetically impressive restorations for our dental partners. Dr. Brian Raskin, recently retired from practicing dentistry for 38 years, overseas the lab process work ensuring focus on high quality outputs.

Personal case management for us means that your restorations will arrive ahead of patient seat appointments as our digital milling process allows for fast turn arounds. With our portal, you have one-to-one communication with our lab techs or, if requested, a case consult with Dr. Raskin. With our accurate turnaround times, you can confidently set patient follow up appointments. And we are always just a quick phone call away for expert case guidance.

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Digital Design Studio uses the highest-grade materials from U.S. manufacturers and state of the art dental articulators to ensure your patients receive accurate, long lasting and comfortable restorations. We retain complete control over our processes in order to meet our own stringent standards of quality.

We know there are lots of options when choosing a dental lab for your practice.

But if high quality material restorations, quick turnarounds, effective communication and personal management support meets your definition of a quality lab, I would welcome an opportunity to speak with you and to introduce Digital Dental Design Studio.

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